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Q: What did the fish state as he swam in to the wall surface? A: Dam!

Q: What did the fish state as he swam in to the wall surface? A: Dam!

Q: how about we skeletons fight one another? A: They do not have the guts.

Q: just exactly What do you really phone cheese that isn’t yours? A: Nacho Cheese

Q: What streets do ghosts haunt? A: Dead stops!

Q: Did you read about the astronaut whom stepped on nicotine gum? A: He got stuck in Orbit.

Q: What did the cent state to another penny? A: We make perfect cents.

Q: Why did the person with one hand cross the street? A: to access the hand shop that is second.

Q: Why did the kid sprinkle sugar on their pillow before he went along to rest? A: So he may have dreams that are sweet.

Q: What would you phone a javelin thrower that is nervous? A: Shakespeare.

Q: Do you learn about the painter who had been hospitalized? A: Reports say it absolutely was as a result of a lot of shots.

Q: Why did the robber simply take a shower? A: Because he wished to make a clean getaway.

Q: What occurs if life provides you with melons? A: Your dyslexic

Q: What did the judge state to your dental practitioner? A: Do you really swear to pull the tooth, the tooth that is whole absolutely nothing nevertheless the enamel.

Q: Why did the boy tiptoe at night medication case? A: He did not would you like to wake the resting pills!

Q: What would you call a mountain that is funny? A: hill-arious

Q: What rises whenever rain boils down? A: An umbrella.

Q: Why did the gear head to prison? A: since it organized a couple of jeans!

Q: Did you read about the calendar thief?